Visit WDW on a Budget // Souvenirs

Picture this: you found the PERFECT pair of Mickey ears to add to your collection, you’ve budgeted for your spending on this trip, you’re at the register, you open your wallet and….moths fly out. “It’s only the 3rd day I’m here how did I blow through my spending already?” you think to yourself. Well, let me tell ya,

Visit WDW on a budget // Transportation

Getting around is fairly cheap once you’re on Disney property but I wanted to share a few pros and cons of different modes of transportation and how to get around in general.   Firstly, the monorail is my favorite way to get around. It’s iconic, it’s magical, and the ride around Epcot before pulling into the

Visit WDW on a budget // Dining

Alot of people get sticker shock when they see the price of the dining plan or even just a meal in Disney World. Don’t worry! There are a bunch of ways to save money on dining!   First and foremost: dining plan promos. The free dining plan promotion is HUGE. It used to be a

Visit WDW on a budget // Hotels

Hello Disney Friends! Welcome to the first of the “How to visit WDW on a budget” series I’ll be the first to be straight with you, going to Walt Disney World ain’t cheap and it ain’t gettin’ any cheaper. But there are a few things you can do to visit WDW while staying on budget.

How to get started as a brand new traveler

  Whether you’re 16 and just starting out or 36 and haven’t seen as much of the world and you would like too, being a new traveler can be scary. A culture shock can discourage anyone from traveling internationally so instead of diving in head first dip your toe in and test the waters. There are plenty

The BEST way to beat jet lag

One of the worst things about traveling is jet lag. You’re tired, you have no motivation to explore, its just not fun. But there are a few things you can to reduce your jet lag if not alleviate it all together!   Adjust your schedule before your flight Adjusting your schedule even just a week