The easiest way to avoid getting sick while traveling

It’s no secret that no one wants to be sick during their travels. Headache, sore throat, fever, all these ailments can put a major damper on any vacation, but there are PLENTY of ways to avoid getting sick while traveling!


The easiest one is to sanitize everything. Wash your water bottle when before you head to the airport. Wash your hands or use sanitizer after you’ve touched the bins that go through security and wipe down your seat when you get on the plane. There was a study done recently which concluded that the bins you put your belongings in at airport security have more infectious bacteria than the toilet seat (probably not the best thing to compare to since some of the bigger airports have plastic around the toilet seat but you get the idea) It makes sense though. The person before you steps in something questionable and then puts their shoes in the same bin that you put your purse, laptop, or anything else you touch on a regular basis…yuck!

Don’t drink straight from the water fountain. They tell you in grammar school not to put your mouth on the spout where the water comes out and yet there’s always a few kids that suck on that thing like they’re a toddler with a sippy cup. Well, the same thing goes for the water fountain at the airport. The fountains now have a neat water bottle spout that you can fill your bottle (that you’ve previously washed) and not have to touch it at all!

Bring Emergen-C with you. I have this point of pride where I get sick once a year and that’s it. I have a pretty decent immune system but the second I step on an airplane its like I left my it in baggage claim. On my trip to Boston I landed at BOS with a head cold and took off from BOS with a head cold, and the 4 days in between weren’t pretty.  The easiest way to give your immune system a little boost is to bring a few packs of Emergen-C, airborne, or other germ-fighting aid with you. I take one during the flight and then one every other day on my trip. I like the strawberry kiwi flavor the best. Also, drinking plenty of water on your trip helps too. This is definitely something I struggle with, I don’t drink enough water every day but when I do get an adequate amount during a trip it makes all the difference.

Get all the necessary vaccinations for international travel (duh!) this one seems like a no-brainer, but if your traveling to another country that has diseases your not used to, talk to your doctor about getting vaccines specifically for the diseases that country is known for. When I went to China my doctor recommended I get the vaccines for hepatitis A and B.


It’s that simple! Just a few small things you can do to keep those pesky germs at bay when you want them the least…Comment below how you avoid getting sick on your travels!

Thanks for reading, toodles!

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