The BEST way to beat jet lag

One of the worst things about traveling is jet lag. You’re tired, you have no motivation to explore, its just not fun. But there are a few things you can to reduce your jet lag if not alleviate it all together!


  • Adjust your schedule before your flight
    • Adjusting your schedule even just a week before your flight can really help with jet lag. On our flight to China I made the WORST mistake. we stayed up all night and hopped on a plan hoping to sleep the entire way. That did not happen. I was so tired and cranky that i couldn’t get comfortable, ended up only sleeping 4 out of the 13 hour flight and got horrible altitude sickness. The first hourish in Hong was not spent exploring, it was spent waiting for the ibuprofen to kick in.


  • Over night flight
    • On my trip to Europe, we had to stop in Texas to pick up half our group. We boarded the plane at ohare at 11 am, had a 5 hour layover in texas, boarded the plane to Spain at 7 PM and arrived in Spain at around 8 am. That whole flight i slept maybe an hour. The second day in spain i didnt wake up until 2 pm. However when we went to London we took off at about 8 pm and landed around 10 am their time and I slept the whole way. Instead of wasting our whole first day we saw EVERYTHING because we weren’t tired. The second day was more chill because even though we were still a little jetlagged it was nearly as bad as when I went to Europe.


  • Drink LOTS of water
    • I am not a person that drinks alot of water in my day to day life but this on a plane you’d think i was a fish. Drinking water keeps you hydrated and therefore keeps you comfortable. Airplane air is dry and if your skin feels like Cassandra without her moisturizer in Doctor Who (season 1 episode 2, look it up) you will NOT be comfortable. Plus keeping hydrated helps your immune system fight off all the germs that live and breed in an airplane seat…yuck


  • Avoid alcohol and sugary caffeinated drinks
    • Going along with staying hydrated, alcohol and sodas can dehydrate you so you want to avoid them at all costs, even the sugar free/diet ones. Juice can be okay but if youre on a long flight (which im assuming you are since no one gets jet lag from a 3 hour flight) just stick to water, have the bubbles when you land.


  • Dont eat a big meal before getting on the plane
    • If your like me and you food coma after every meal ignore this, but sometimes a large meal can make you feel bloated and uncomfortable. If you eat a meal in the airport, you can take the leftovers on the plane with you and have it later. I did that with a spirit flight once and it was perfect, i didnt have to pay for a snack!


How do you combat jet lag? Leave your answer below!

Thanks for reading, until next time!

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  1. Reply

    Jetlag always gets the best of me. I never drink enough water day to day but it’s worse on flights. I try to sleep as much as I can on the flight so that when I get off the flight I’ll be somewhat adjusted.

    • Sam V


      Drinking enough water is my Achilles heel! I definitely don’t drink enough water but it really does help. Thanks for your comment! 🙂

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