How to get started as a brand new traveler


Whether you’re 16 and just starting out or 36 and haven’t seen as much of the world and you would like too, being a new traveler can be scary. A culture shock can discourage anyone from traveling internationally so instead of diving in head first dip your toe in and test the waters. There are plenty of ways to travel without the shock

Trips with friends 

Going on trips with friends or siblings (assuming you can’t/don’t want to full on go with your family) can really help get you acclimated to traveling…its something familiar from home so it’s not such a huge shock going to a new country. A group of 4-6 people is your best bet. You don’t want a group so big you cant all agree on plans.

Visit a neighboring country

If you’re nervous about traveling try visiting a neighboring country. It’s not TOO far from home and depending on where you go the culture isn’t too different from your own. Both of these shocks can discourage you from traveling.

Weekend Trips

Road trips and weekend trips are perfect for getting into the travel world. If you’re worried about going too far from home or just worried about leaving the country altogether try going on a road trip first. If you’re really feeling adventurous you can rent an RV and go camping at a campground near you. I live in Chicago and I love going to Starved Rock especially during eagle season 

Tour Groups

If you’re a little more adventurous but are still just starting out as a traveler, try booking a tour trip like Contiki or Top Deck. You have a tour guide, you don’t have to plan much and it’s a great way to meet other travelers

Or be like me and jump in a tour group when your 16 around Europe…NBD 😉


This is the EASIEST way to “travel” book a hotel in your own city (or if you live in a small town, Try a big city near you) and just explore like a tourist. Do things you maybe havent done because its a “touristy” thing to do. Instead of going back home, book a hotel room. This will help you feel like you’re on vacation and get  into a travel routine. I love doing this in chicago, there are SO many things to do here and i haven’t even seen or done them all. We have amazing restaurants and hotels and bars it’s nice to just kick back and be on vacation and i didnt have to pay for airfare or anything

Thanks for reading, until next time!

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