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Hello Disney Friends! Welcome to the first of the “How to visit WDW on a budget” series

I’ll be the first to be straight with you, going to Walt Disney World ain’t cheap and it ain’t gettin’ any cheaper. But there are a few things you can do to visit WDW while staying on budget.  

This first post is about hotels but stay tuned for more on dining, transportation, and more!


Stay off-site.

There are TONS of off-site properties that have shuttles to the parks. This is most likely the best option because if you drive you will have to pay for parking at each park which can cost roughly $25-$30 per day. If you don’t mind paying for parking then by all means drive to the parks. If you are flying then you probably won’t want to spend the extra money to rent a car AND pay for parking. Look for a hotel that has both a shuttle to and from the airport as well as to and from the parks. Bonus if the hotel has a shuttle AND free breakfast!

There are also hotels called “good neighbor” hotels which aren’t technically Disney resorts but they have some perks like transportation to the parks, allowing pets, and suites for large parties. You also can earn Hilton Honors points if you choose to stay at one of these hotels, or use your points to book on of these hotels.


Stay onsite

Budget hotels: These are the best way to stay on site cheaply. The WDW property has 3 categories of hotels and “value hotels” are the cheapest. My favorite is Art of Animation. They have a family suite that has 1.5 bathrooms and its a bigger room if you have a family of 5 or 6. You can take advantage of all the perks of staying on site like transportation and fastpasses. You could also choose to stay at the swan dolphin hotel which is considered a value hotel in the sense that its low in cost. You DO NOT get the perks of staying on site since it is not operated by Disney however, you can use Starwood points to book.

Campgrounds: The campgrounds are the cheapest way to stay on property and you still get the Disney perks, including transportation and dining plan. They have full hookups for RVs and spaces for tents or cars. What would a Disney campground be without Chip and Dale. They host marshmallow roasts, campfire stories, and other fun activities


The easiest way to save money on tickets is to buy fewer days. This may seem contradictory because the Disney website tells you to buy more days to save. Theyre not wrong, you will save more per day when you buy more days. However, a 5 day ticket is $420 and a 7 day ticket is $440. The difference is only $20 but that’s per person so you could save your family of 4 $80 and when you’re on a budget that $80 can be used for other things like bringing your own food into the park! but more on that later 😉 I like having a resort day in my 7 day vacation anyway. Just a day to recoupe and relax, 7 days of Disney parks can be exhausting. Plan a resort day, you’ll thank me later.

I hope this helped! stay tuned more on how to visit WDW on a budget

Comment below what you favorite thing about staying in a hotel is, it doesn’t have to be just  Disney. Mine is walking down to the lobby for breakfast…or exploring the entire hotel right when we get there…or just having my whole family together in one room. Okay, that was three things, comment yours below!

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