Top FIVE creative ways to collect autographs in Disney (that aren’t autograph books)

With platforms like Pinterest being one of the top search engines in 2018 it really boggles my mind that we are STILL using autograph books to collect signatures when we visit Disney! Don’t get me wrong, I went back in 2014 and I still used an autograph book. I’m not knocking a classic but let’s talk about a few creative ways to collect autographs in Disney that aren’t autograph books

  • Picture frame matting

This is my favorite! you can buy plain white matting (it’s super thin foam or a piece of cardstock that borders the picture inside the frame) You can find it at your local craft store. The best part about this is that once you’re done getting all your signatures you have a cute keepsake you can display with your favorite photo from your trip!

  • Plain white canvas back pack

I love this idea too! Ive only seen this once in the parks. get a plain white canvas or polyester backpack like this one from Amazon and a pack of multi color sharpies and youre good to go! It’s dual purpose, cute and convenient!

  • T-shirts

This one is a little more obvious but instead of just a plain white tshirt, search etsy for one with a cute graphic or get one personalized. Have the characters sign in different colors and you have a one of a kind Tee! Bonus: if you have kids, put THEM in the tshirt then frame it!

  • Shoes

Ive never actually seen this in the parks, but i have seen diy shoes on Pinterest which is what gave me the idea. Maybe dont wear them to the parks though. I’m fairly certain the characters do NOT want to sign the shoes that are on your feet

  • Mickey Ears

This last one might take a bit more creativity. you could always go with a plain white pair you can find on Etsy OR try to make your own. there are tons of tutorials on how to make your own Mickey ears out there

Thanks for reading, toodles!

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