10 reasons why you should use a travel agent

With all the booking engines and travel sites out there today, people tend to think travel agents are obsolete. I hear it all the time, “travel agents are still a thing?” but there a several benefits to using one, so here are 10 reasons why you should use a travel agent


How great would it be if you could look and someone and say “I would love to visit Disney World and I only want to spend X amount of dollars AND I really don’t want to spend 4 hours researching to make that happen?” and they said “done!” really great, right? That’s what having a travel agent is like. They’ll do all the work for you and the best part is, they love it!

They manage your itinerary for you

If you’re like me then you have your whole trip planned out 6 months before you leave….okay maybe not the entire trip but if you do enjoy doing the planning then maybe a travel agent isn’t the route for you. However, if you would rather let someone else do the planning so all you have to do is sit back and enjoy your trip then trust me you will want a travel agent.

Help with travel insurance

Travel insurance can be tricky and confusing, the last thing you want to do is mess up your coverage. Travel agents are experts on insurance and can help decide if you need it for your particular trip.


Probably one of the best reasons to use a travel agent because chances are they’re an expert in a certain destination and they can offer insider advice on things to do, places to stays, or where to eat because they’ve been there. Personally I’ve been to Disney World several times so when clients come to me and haven’t been before I can give them first hand experiences.

Help stay on budget (most bang for your buck)

In addition to being an expert on things to do, travel agents also know how much things cost and more importantly they know when peak and shoulder seasons are. The easiest thing is give your TA a budget up front, that way they know exactly what hotels or upgrades to show you.

Destination suggestions

If you’re flexible on destination or when you want to travel and already have a set budget tell your TA. I love when a client comes to me and lets me plan everything, the possibilities are endless!

Create a relationship > they get to know you > best vaca personalized for you

Getting to know your TA is important so they can create the best, most personalized trip for you. would you rather have your best friend planning your trip or a completely stranger?

Deals you may not have access too

Most of the time TA’s get emails from suppliers with deals that may not be published to the general public. If your travel agent has their own newsletter, make sure you join for updates on sales and discounts. You can join mine HERE

  1. There in case of an emergency

Since they’re taking care of everything they can handle issues or emergencies. Theyre also there if you want to make changes of upgrades.

They do all they work

and finally as mentioned above theyre doing everything for you. You dont have to worry about anything. all you have to do is enjoy your vacation.


Bonus tip: Travel agents that are with an agency get paid via commission. This means their pay comes out of the price you pay instead of stacking on top of it. On occasion TA’s or travel consultants will charge you a small fee i.e. you ask for a quote but don’t book with them. Just be mindful that they’re doing the work FOR you. If you’re serious about your trip then have them draw up a quote. If not, be honest and ask for all the fees up front

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